4 Ps of Marketing Strategies | Grow Sale & Profit | Corporate Training by Dr Amit Maheshwari

A good marketing Strategy involves following 4P of Selling:
PRODUCT: What do you sell? What is your product or service? What people frequently buy.

According to a survey – 20% of products capture 80% of Market revenue and rest 80% of product capture 20% of market revenue.

PRICE: How to set price?
How to Maximize the profit and sale? Go for a market research to design the price of product or service you offer.

PLACE: Choose for a right place for your product type. Target right customers and show in a right manner to sell your products.

PROMOTION: Products rarely sold themselves. Promotion is the key success of all business. Either you can advertise the product or customer will advertise your products or services.

Follow these factors to grow your sale and income to maximize the overall profit.

Customer Promoter Video: https://youtu.be/QlIt730vgE4
Grow Business: https://youtu.be/Es5yVxL2wh4
Grow Profit: https://youtu.be/nYm1K9ugZ0I

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