Free Web 2.0 Blogs List

A web 2.0 blog is basically a cross between a website, a blog and an article directory. You can easily post your own articles and blog posts, your pictures, videos and so forth. You can sell products just as though it were your main website, or you can use it as a feeder site for your long tail keywords. In other words, there are many uses and your imagination may be your only limit. In addition, they even allow you to easily create your own URL.

Rather than go into tremendous detail, we’re going to give you a list of some of the best free Web 2.0 blogs courtesy of and let you check them out for yourself if you haven’t already… – Allows you a maximum of 9 links per lens to a single domain. – Allows a maximum of 2 links per hub to a single domain. – Google’s version of Wikipedia – Teen focused – Create your own free community

Jeff Killian

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