How I Get Paid To Travel! 7 Ways I Make Money As An Influencer

Getting paid to travel the world almost sounds too good to be true… but is it? Here’s how I make money as a travel influencer while travelling the world full-time.

If you’ve ever wondered how bloggers make money from blogging or how I get paid to travel, this should answer your question!

There are seven main ways I make money as an influencer and I go through each one in this video. This isn’t how all bloggers get paid and other travel influencers who get paid to travel the world will have other ways of making money from blogging, but these are the ways I do it.

This also isn’t the only way I make money online. Making money as an influencer is just one of my multiple income streams as a digital nomad, but I’m just focusing on my travel influencer job and income today.

As always, thanks for watching this video about how I get paid as an influencer. I hope it’s been insightful and given some more context to all the other things you see on this YouTube channel.

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Jeff Killian

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