How Much I Make on YouTube! ($47,500/Month!) // How To Make Money on YouTube

This video will tell you how much I made and how you can make even more and do it even faster than I have! Links in description down below. This video will enlighten you guy’s on how I made so much from YouTube and how to make money yourself.

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For YouTube:
– Best and easiest to use Vlogging Camera
– First Gen (Cheaper) Version
– Cheap G7X SD Card
– GoPro Session
– GoPro SD card
– SD Card I Use
– Cheap Tripod
– Best vlogging and selfie light
– Handheld Vlogging tripod
– Magnetic small version for your phone
– For the G7X
– The Vlogging Camera I use daily
– Best Version for Photos
– Lens I use for vlogging
– Another great camera
– Great microphone for any video
– On the go cheap alternative
– Cheap Drone

For Making Music/Recording Vocals
– What I Record Music with
– Cheaper alternative
– To hook up mic
– My audio interface
– Cheaper alternative
– For on the go music making
– Headphones i record with
– Cheaper alternative
My brother:
★A little about me★
Hey Guys! Mikey Manfs here! A little about myself, I make awesome 24 Hour Challenge and Overnight Challenge videos! As well as hilarious and funny Walmart videos, 3 AM challenges! You want to see the funniest pranks on youtube? Hit that subscribe button! Really interesting and funny vlogs as well!

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Jeff Killian

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