Psychology of a Contrarian Investor and How to Make Money (HINDI)

Psychology of a Contrarian Investor is important to predict the unpredictable in the stock market. It’s a known fact that maximum money can be made through contrarian investing. I already shared a video on contrarian approach. However, besides the technical analysis, the trading or investment psychology of an investor is crucial. In this video, i have shared the 7 imp points related to Psychology of a Contrarian Investor

1. It is a known fact that only 10% investors make money and 90% lose. The reason being, 10% investors take contrarian approach against the herd or mass mentality of 90% investors.
2. Share Market always tries to prove you wrong.
3. Always remember that reality is always different from what is being shown in the stock market.
4. In the share market, the trading or investment experience counts.
5. You should always invest with common sense. Sometimes, common sense saves you from the loss as decision makers give enough hints.
6. Greed and fear play an imp role i.e. be greedy when others are fearful.
7. Always have faith in your analysis.

Lastly, always consider your stock investment from a business perspective.

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